Filter Coffee Decoction passes the Gen Z vibe check!

Gen Z are considered to be the most informed group of consumers because of the ethics and values they take into account before buying something. They want more than just high-quality products from brands.

Affordability and sustainability are the catalysts behind their decision-making, but above all, they look for ease and convenience.

Which is why our Filter Coffee Decoction is such a hit with them.

It’s the perfect addition to their fast-paced life because Gen Z are always looking for solutions that would make their already busy and complex lives a little easier.

Brewing a perfect cup of coffee is a daunting task for most of us as it requires time and patience – something that is scarce in the world we are living in today. Additionally, brewing the perfect decoction takes skill and equipment, which we do not always have at our disposal.

This is why coffee on-the-go is an attractive option for this generation.

But frequent coffee runs are not a feasible option due to distance, commute, and the load on your wallet as a result.

Our Filter Coffee Decoction is just the right solution for this.


Just pull out your filter coffee decoction, mix it with cold or hot milk, and add in a little sugar as per your taste.

You can now enjoy the rich taste of traditional filter coffee anywhere, anytime.

After all, coffee is that magic beverage on which Gen Z survives.

But with Leo’s Filter Coffee Decoction, why just survive, when you can thrive?

Freelancers who are always on the run, those who burn the midnight oil due to their shifts, early morning sun-chasers, and for those going through a midday crisis, our Filter Coffee Decoction gives you one less thing to worry about.

So go conquer the world and make a difference with our Filter Coffee Decoction by your side.