Subscribe! Subscribe! Subscribe!

What’s with all these businesses and the sudden enthusiasm for the subscription business model? You’re constantly bombarded with subscription offers, and you may be wondering why that’s the case.

Surprisingly, this isn’t something new. The origin dates back to the 1600s in England. It all started when King Charles I agreed to a fire insurance scheme. The deal here was that the subscribers would get compensated in case of loss or damage to goods due to fire accidents. Poor understanding of the scheme led to its poor reception but this planted the idea for the subscription model to grow.

Later, during the 19th Century, many such subscription-based insurance schemes, book publishers, traders, newspaper and magazine publishers slowly began popping up in Europe.

That was the West. What about India?

Do you remember our “doodhwalas”?

Every morning, they delivered a pre-fixed quantity of milk to our homes, and collected the payment all together on a fixed date every month. That was also based on the subscription model. Since then this model has heavily gained momentum for being more customer-centric.

But what makes it so popular? To understand this, Let’s take the example of Leo Coffee’s subscription plan.

Our subscription plan is formulated with three things in mind:

1. Affordability

Affordability is one of the reasons why this model is quickly replacing the one-time purchase model. When businesses like ours directly offer products to you without any middleman, you get the benefit in the form of reduced prices. This is why our coffee subscription rates are very light on your pocket compared to daily or weekly purchases from the store.

2. Convenience

Freshly ground coffee of your favourite blend, just the way you like, delivered right to your doorstep, on the date of your choosing. Isn’t that easier than the long trip to the store, the lengthy discussion with the store clerk, and the pain of waiting in lines? Convenience is a big reason for the booming popularity of the subscription model.

And it makes sense to subscribe to something like coffee, as it’s a household staple and a recurring purchase. The hassle of stepping to the store now removed, you can get a month’s worth of coffee at your doorstep.
During the lockdown last year, when the delivery of essential items took a hit, the subscription model turned out to be a boon as going out to stores was unsafe.

Throughout the lockdown, businesses that offered subscriptions were able to cater to their customers’ needs by ensuring timely supply of essential items like milk, water, groceries, etc.
Subscriptions ended up being a reliable safety-net to fall back on when things were so uncertain.

3. Value

Now here is the interesting part, being a subscriber to a business comes with its own perks.

Yes, you heard us right! Leo Coffee’s subscription plans come with special benefits like bundles at discounted prices, and many more such exciting offers. Offers like these make the subscription pricing model even more attractive to the customers.

So when you can directly deal with the businesses to avail the best value for your money, at your convenience , and that gives you special perks, why would you let someone else get in the middle of that?

So, that’s why subscription-based models are so popular, and why they’re here to stay. And that’s great for us, because we couldn’t imagine missing out on our coffee.

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