Coffee & Chicory: The Ratio Guide

Do you remember learning that chicory is an adulterant mixed with coffee?
Well, time to unlearn it now.

Chicory has always been misunderstood as a harmful substance that is intentionally mixed with coffee to increase its quantity at the cost of quality.

They couldn’t have been more wrong.

Chicory is an edible plant whose roots are dried and then roasted and ground like coffee beans.

Like the rest of the plant, chicory roots have health benefits. But that’s not why some people actually prefer mixing it with their ground coffee.

Isn’t that surprising? For people to purposely want chicory in their coffee?

Ground chicory smells and tastes very similar to ground coffee, but it has a mellower undertone and a subtle, earthy taste.

Most importantly, adding chicory to coffee makes a perfect cup of authentic South Indian Filter Coffee.

An authentic South Indian filter coffee blend has ground coffee and chicory in a certain ratio that balances the flavour and body of the coffee. But what are these ratios? And how does it impact the taste?

Our filter coffee blends will help you understand better.

Madras Blend:

(Coffee to chicory ratio: 80:20)

This ratio is the perfect choice for those who want the strong kick of caffeine combined with a lingering earthy taste from the chicory. If you like your coffee strong, Madras Blend is the blend for you.

Degree Blend:

(Coffee to chicory ratio: 70:30)

This blend forgoes some of the strength to make your coffee a little more palatable. If you like strong coffee, but can’t handle the bitterness, this is the perfect blend for you. The bitterness and the nuttiness balance each other out so that none of the flavours are too overpowering.

Breakfast Blend:

(Coffee to chicory ratio: 60:40)

Trying to cut down on your caffeine intake? This is the blend for you. The increased chicory content does not affect the taste, only the intensity, and makes for a mean cup of coffee for your morning kick.

Now, the only thing left is for you to give it a try and find out which blend suits your lifestyle.

A word of caution: Adding chicory to coffee without mentioning it on the package is an ingenuine practice. People who add chicory in coffee to improve the taste always mention it explicitly on the package label.