Leo Filter Coffee Decoction - Pack of 2

Leo Filter Coffee Decoction - Pack of 2

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Easily enjoy authentic filter coffee anywhere and anytime with Leo Coffee’s filter coffee decoction. In a rush?

Leo filter coffee decoction is obtained by brewing ground beans with hot water for an extended period. The process involves steeping coarsely ground coffee in hot water. This slow extraction results in a potent and richly flavored liquid known as coffee decoction.
The decoction method provides a strong, bold flavour profile that coffee enthusiasts appreciate. It serves as a foundation for creating a wide range of delightful coffee creations.

Remember, the strength of the coffee decoction can vary based on personal preference. You can adjust the coffee powder-to-water ratio or the amount of decoction and milk used to customise the taste to your liking.
Now you have #FilterCoffeeOnTheGo. All the goodness of Leo Coffee’s authentic aroma and flavour without the hassle of brewing. 

Just mix the decoction with hot milk (cold milk works as well), add sugar if needed and enjoy Leo’s signature cup  in an instant.
  • Preservative-free.
  • 80:20 ratio of coffee and chicory.