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Leo Coffee has brought the pure taste of tradition into a million homes by creating a niche for itself in the world of beverages. With a distinct flavour that satisfies the palette of the most discerning coffee lover, Leo has finally emerged as a leading brand of coffee in India today. Armed with a legion of loyal consumers and growing, our rapid growth can be attributed to our founder's unrelenting commitment to quality and passion for coffee cultivation.

Leo Coffee


perfect blend of enterprise & commitment

Leo Coffee was founded in 1910 by PRK Nadar, the enterprising pioneer in coffee plantations and a legendary figure who gave the coffee-loving South Indians the gift of Leo Coffee. He set exceedingly high standards for cultivation and worked tirelessly with a dedicated team of skilled growers to ensure those high standards are implemented and maintained. He instilled a great sense of commitment and responsibility in them.

Later, his son PRK Bhaskaran took over the reins, armed with expansive knowledge, steadfast dedication and passionate efforts just as his father. PRK Bhaskaran a perfect chip of the old block, carried on with the legacy passed on by his father and strived to make Leo the perfect coffee with unparalleled flavour and consistent quality.

The traditional value around which the corporate philosophy is woven is followed even today by PRK Bhaskaran's son B.Srinivasan and grandson Venu Srinivasan. they have picked up all the nuances of cultivation, selective picking, processing, and blending. they continue to conserve and maintain the legacy passed on to them with unfaltering dedication and the results of such passionate efforts can be seen in every single bean.

why leo coffee

shade-grown coffee & sustainability

Leo Coffee is a tradition that is almost religiously observed in millions of coffee lovers' homes. Its purity and quality has earned itself a loyal following that grows with each year. So our plantation experts ensure that the plants are maintained in the best of health using modern scientific methods. The quality of Leo Coffee is carefully monitored at every step - right from bean to bag.

Leo's coffee plantation is situated in the majestic Palani Hills, Western Ghats in Tamil Nadu. The plantation 'Little Flower Estate' is situated at an altitude of 4500ft. above sea level and luxuriates in climatic conditions that are ideal for high-grown specialty coffee. Here the night time temperature drops considerably (without freezing) and slows down the growth of coffee berries. This helps the berries to develop strong flavour with better acidity. The perfect bean for the perfect coffee with unmatchable flavour can be found only in shade-grown coffee.

The cultivation practices used for shade-grown coffee are considered sustainable unlike the coffee plants grown in unshaded farms which have a negative impact on the environment as they require high input of chemical fertilisers and pesticides. In shade-grown coffee cultivation the coffee plants grow under an umbrella of trees. This type of cultivation is based on the principles of natural ecology and is considered as a branch of agro forestry. This activates biotic and abiotic processes apart from helping carbon sequestration and climate change.


traditional wet process for superior coffee

We are very particular that our customers only receive the best coffees with exceptional body and flavour and thereby take extra care in all the process that a bean goes through in its excursion to the bag. A multi-step wet process or wash method is a traditional method practiced by us in processing the coffee. It's an arduous task but an important one to give the coffee an incredible taste and invigorating aroma. The beans go through soaking, pulping, fermenting, washing, drying, hulling and grading. This process gives us an opportunity to weed out bad fruits that float on water and the good ripe fruits which settle down can be sorted out easily. This method requires specialised equipment and sufficient water. This process yields best quality coffee beans with distinctive flavour so that you can indulge yourself in a truly sensuous experience.

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