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Our prime focus is customer satisfaction and convenience and our primary business concentrated on supplying freshly ground coffee to the customer. Coffee seeds roasted to perfection in our state-of-the-art factory are brought to the company owned outlets which are conveniently located in various parts of Chennai city and then customised, ground using German grinders and packed in the presence of our customer so that the freshness and aroma are retained. Extra care is taken at the grinding stage too as it also plays a major role in determining the taste of coffee. This traditional practice not only retains the freshness but also the customers' smile of satisfaction.

Leo goes an extra mile to satisfy the customers by customising their preferred blend. Leo's signature blends are Special Peaberry, Special 'A' and House Blend - the most sought-after blends which have made Leo Coffee a tradition that is religiously observed in millions of homes of coffee lovers. We believe when you buy our coffee you will experience something you have never tasted before - The Pure Taste of Tradition!

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Consumer acceptance and the strong brand equity gave an impetus to the management to be proactive and innovative. A new concept "Shop-in-Shop" was the result, which found a favourable response from many big and medium - sized departmental stores, modern trade and customers too.

Now Leo is widening its market slowly and steadily, with a view to establish a strong network nationally. Leo Coffee is freshly ground using German grinder, customised and packed in the customer's presence at Leo Shop-in-Shop outlets in various departmental stores.

Departmental stores and retailers with a passion for coffee business and serious about taking fresh ground coffee to the coffee lovers are welcome to be part of the Leo Coffee family and have a Coffee Bean Rack installed in their premises. Interested stores can contact us.

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We have a wide choice of roast and ground pre-packed coffee offering 100% pure coffee made from selected coffee beans for the coffee connoisseurs and judicious blends of Coffee and Chicory mix for coffee lovers who enjoy the sweet aroma and the rich taste of exotic coffee. After diligent processing, the beans are brought to our modern production unit in Chennai and roasted in the internationally renowned German Rapido Nova Roaster to perfection. Extra care is taken at the grinding stage too, as it also plays a role in determining the taste of coffee. Then the ground coffee is packed in three layer metallic poly packs which helps to retain the freshness of coffee till it reaches the customer. This facilitates the company to reach out to coffee lovers living in the remote places so that they can enjoy fresh coffee.

Consumers desirous of buying any of the following blends can do so online. Distributors who are keen to be associated with us can write to us.

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We are also into corporate vending concept which ends your search for "Real" coffee. Leo brings you specially brewed authentic filter coffee to your work place so that your customers, guests and employees can luxuriate in the invigorating aroma and flavor of coffee made from milk and decoction.

"Mylapore Mocha" the coffee vending chain of outlets located in different parts of the city serves coffee that is 'Freshly Brewed' with 'Fresh Milk'. This concept is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity where a variety of beverages are served from Coffee, Tea, Badam Milk to Cold Coffee, Cold Chocolate, etc. Your search for that 'real' coffee ends with Mylapore Mocha!

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