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You can pick these up blindly. Our all-time customer favourites.

Single seed pea-shaped beans, roasted gently and ground finely.

Blended for the Arabica Purists with meagre percent of Chicory.

Handpicked beans grown at high altitudes which are ideal for making Espressos.

Door delivery on your preferred dates.

Save yourself the hassle of going to the store to restock coffee.

And be immune to price hikes.


fresh ground


packed coffee


coffee decoction


Equipment to Brew &

From the simple French Press to the Italian style Coffee Percolator, Leo’s coffee machinery and equipment are not heavy (on price and weight), very durable and easy to operate.

Now everyone can enjoy great coffee at home, work or anyplace they desire.


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The goodness and rich flavour of Leo Coffee can now be enjoyed in your hotels, restaurants and cafés as well. We have created a special blend for the HORECA segment.

The choicest coffee beans and high quality chicory are blended in the right proportion to mass produce strongly flavoured coffee for this segment.

with us

If you are interested to join hands with us and add to our growing legacy, feel free to reach out to us.

We are always keen on discussing new ideas.

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