Store dealership

Our primary business is concentrated on supplying freshly ground coffee to the consumer. Perfectly roasted coffee beans from our state-of-the-art factory are sent to the outlets daily which are conveniently located in high streets of residential locations.

Leo Coffee invites entrepreneurs with a passion for coffee to get in touch if they would like to open a store.

Key aspects of a Leo Store.

Apart from fresh ground coffee which is the core product of the store, you get access to vending machines to sell hot coffee and store walk-ins for sales. You also become a stockist for Leo packed coffee products, brewing equipment and Leo Tea.

You can also target your local HORECA segment as we sell bulk packs. Hence you don't rely on a single channel for revenue.

You get preference in becoming super distributors in your area/town to drive volumes and growth for yourself.

Get listed on delivery apps such as Swiggy, Zomato and Dunzo for home delivery around your location.

We will assist you with the listing, commercials and also social media promos targeting your location.

You get comprehensive training on our products, services and machinery.

Access to our POS software and CRM tools to track sales and inventory.

For more details write to us at

Fresh grinding kiosks
for supermarkets

The "Shop-in-Shop" concept found a favourable response from many big and medium-sized departmental stores. Leo is widening its market slowly and steadily, establishing a strong network nationally.

The coffee is freshly ground using German grinder and packed in the customer's presence at Leo’s Shop-in-Shop outlets in various departmental stores. Departmental stores and retailers with a passion for coffee are welcome to become a part of the Leo family and have a Coffee Bean Rack installed in their premises. Interested stores can contact us.

Packed coffee

We have a wide choice of roast and ground packed coffee offering both pure coffee and blends of coffee and chicory. The ground coffee is packed in three-layer metallic poly packs which helps retain the freshness of coffee till it reaches the customer. This helps the company reach out to coffee lovers living in remote places so that they can enjoy fresh coffee.

Consumers can buy any of these blends online as well.

Distributors who are keen to be associated with us can write to us.

Coffee vending

Leo coffee also has corporate vending solutions so that your employees can enjoy an authentic cup of filter coffee at their workplace.

Key features of our vending solutions.

1. Coffee and tea can be brewed in the machine at the same time
2. One-touch beverage solution
3. Strength and quantity can be adjusted as per requirement
4. Automatic beverage counter
5. Highest coffee yield in the industry

Up to 250 cups per 1 kg of coffee powder.

If you would like to try out Leo corporate vending solutions, get in touch with us at
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