Brew filter coffee -The South Indian way

Brewing filter coffee the traditional way, especially the South Indian style, is easier than you may think. Every step has a history and tradition embedded in it that varies from household to household. But don't worry; sit back, relax, and read on as we walk you through each step, from selecting the perfect beans to constructing the drink in the davara.

Pick the right bean


The production of coffee beans in India is primarily dominated by South Indian states, especially Karnataka followed by Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Almost 80% of coffee in India is exported through the Suez canal to Russia, Spain, Netherlands and France.

That being said, let's define our authentic South Indian filter coffee. They are medium roasted, finely ground coffee beans with a small percentage of chicory added to them. One such blend is our Leo Special Peaberry + Special A blend. Loved by many for its medium-bodied and woody aftertaste, this unique Leo Blend is crafted from A-grade coffee beans to give your taste buds the richest flavour experience possible.

Let's brew authentic filter coffee

This piece of equipment can be found in any household in South India. From early mornings to ending the day, this brass or stainless steel coffee filter is used on a daily basis.

It is made up of four components that help creating the perfect decoction, which is then blended with milk and served. The freshly ground powder is filled in the top container. The powder is pressed with an umbrella, and hot water is poured over it. The filter coffee decoction is collected in the bottom container.

The container in which filter coffee is consumed is as essential as the brewing process. Every South Indian cabinet has a tumbler-davara set that is only used for drinking coffee. The tumbler is the cup used to drink coffee, while the davara is a shallow but larger container with a lip that is used to cool the liquid.