bring the café to your kitchen: easy & delicious café frappé recipe

You must have ordered a Frappé at least once in your life if cafés are your go-to hangout spot. It is indeed one of the most popular and loved cold coffee variants that sell across the globe. But did you know that the Frappé found its origin back in the 19th century?

What’s more interesting is that initially, Frappés were not just a premium cold coffee recipe. In Europe, connoisseurs used coca cola, tea, and all sorts of juices to prepare this popular drink. The Greeks, however, found the best way to embrace the recipe and add to it their magic ingredient. It was first in Greece that instant coffee was used with milk and sugar to brew the delectable Café Frappé.

Then on, visitors to the country carried the recipe along and adapted it to the tastes and preferences of their homeland folks.


what is café frappé? 

Although historically, the beverage was as customizable as it could be; today, café frappé is widely known as a frozen coffee drink. The drink is often mistaken for a smoothie or a shake, but café frappé has a unique character. A concentrated shot of double espresso or instant coffee is blended, beaten, or stirred with sweeteners and chilled creamers until it’s frothy. It is then topped with syrup or cream and served cold.

how to make café frappé at home with leo coffee? 

Now that you know the secret behind this overtly delicious and pricy beverage, what say we find a way to brew it at home? The next time you crave a café frappé, don’t mind skipping the hassle of dressing up and heading out. Instead, you can brew your cup (or glass) of frappé just how you like it. Let’s take a look at the recipe now, shall we? 


  • Leo Filter Coffee Decoction / Leo Instant Coffee
  • Chilled Milk
  • Honey, Sugar, or any sweetener of your choice
  • Ice Cubes
  • Frother


  1. Add honey, sugar, or a sweetener of your choice to your glass
  2. Add Leo Coffee decoction or Leo Instant Coffee of your preference
  3. Pour a desired quantity of chilled milk into the decoction mix
  4. Using a frother, froth the mix until you’re satisfied
  5. Add ice cubes to the foamy coffee refresher
  6. Top it off with more chilled milk or cream as per your palette
  7. Your quick and easy Café Frappé is ready in minutes


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