What Is Unique About Leo Coffee?

"It's coffee! How different can it be?" Is that what you are thinking? Well, that only means you need to sit down with a piping hot cup of Leo Coffee made from freshly ground coffee beans. First you need to let the aroma titillate your senses and then take a meditated sip. Next, let the coffee notes hit every taste bud to create a brilliant symphony of flavours. And in that freshness and flavour lies the first USP of Leo Coffee. 

For coffee connoisseurs, it is not just a brew to put some pep in their day. However, it is not just another part of a dull daily routine. Drinking coffee is a premeditated, revered act - the high point(s) of their day. It is from this connection that Leo Coffee takes its inspiration and motivation to produce the finest brew every single time. They believe that fresh coffee is the best coffee and go to great lengths to ensure that their coffee is always fresh, leading to the motto 'Grind Daily'. 

Grind Daily for the Best Coffee

Most coffee on the market is pre-ground and packaged. Eventhough, it is a more cost-effective way to produce and distribute coffee. There is a difference in taste between pre-ground and freshly ground coffee. Freshly ground coffee has a more intense flavour and aroma than pre-ground coffee. This is because the flavour and aroma compounds in coffee beans release when grounded, and when you drink coffee brewed from fresh grounds, it is simply heavenly! The flavour and aroma compounds dissipate over time. This is why pre-ground coffee tends to have a weaker flavour and aroma than freshly ground coffee. Not even refrigeration can keep the fresh flavour intact.  

Leo Coffee is one of the few brands that sells freshly ground coffee. They grind their coffee beans fresh in order to ensure it is always fresh and flavourful. Their customers appreciate the difference in taste, and hence the brand is committed to providing them with the best possible coffee experience. Grinding coffee beans fresh to order is more time-consuming and costly than pushing pre-ground coffee. However, going that extra mile is worth it. Customers can rest assured that they will receive only the best possible coffee. This builds a bond of mutual trust and loyalty.  

 Time is of Essence 

 Venu Srinivasan, CEO - Leo Coffee, puts things into perspective when he says, "A great comparison is freshly baked cookies out of a factory oven. When they are first taken out and cooled to an edible temperature they are at their best. Once in commercial packs and left to sit on supermarket shelves, the aroma dies down a bit and the overall flavour of the cookie is not the same, no matter how tightly preserved. Similar to beer, there is a noticeable difference between fresh draft beer served from a cask or keg directly and pre-bottled beer off the shelf. This is exactly how ground coffee is. The first 1 to 48 hours after being ground are its best." 

While we understand the significance of grinding coffee daily, one tends to wonder how it is even possible to do this on a regular basis. How does Leo Coffee offer freshly ground coffee to its customer base? There are three ways that this is achieved. 

 #1 - Leo Coffee Retail Stores 

Leo Coffee has 36 retail outlets spread across Chennai. Around 2,000 customers visit these outlets every day to purchase fresh ground coffee. Freshly roasted coffee beans are delivered to the outlets daily from Leo Coffee's state-of-the-art roasting facility in Chennai. The aroma of freshly ground coffee is so strong that anyone passing by the outlets can smell it. Customers across the city can also call or order online to have fresh ground coffee delivered to their doorstep within a few hours. Customers get to choose from a variety of blends that in-house coffee-scientists have concocted, or they can make their own mix as well. What matters ultimately is that they enjoy freshly ground coffee and come back for more! 

#2 - Shop-in-Shop Kiosks 

Leo Coffee has fresh grinding kiosks set up inside major supermarkets across various parts of India. Leo Coffee's fresh grinding kiosks are a unique and innovative way to provide customers with the freshest and most flavourful coffee possible. The kiosks allow customers to choose from a variety of coffee bean blends and have their coffee ground to their exact specifications. The company is constantly expanding its geographical reach to extend its services to more customers and give them the experience of fresh ground coffee.  

Leo Coffee's fresh grinding kiosks are a hit with customers. They offer a convenient and affordable way to get fresh, delicious coffee. This ensures that customers always get a perfect cup of coffee, no matter where they are. Various coffee bean blends are displayed in the kiosks and are customised and ground to the grind size preference of customers. 

Leo Coffee is always looking for new partners in supermarkets across India to install its fresh grinding kiosks. If you are a supermarket owner and are looking for a way to improve your coffee offerings, then you should consider partnering with Leo Coffee. These fresh grinding kiosks are a fantastic way to attract new customers and help retain the loyalty of existing customers. 

#3 - Online Orders 

Leo Coffee offers a convenient way for customers to get fresh ground coffee, even if they cannot access one of the company's fresh grinding locations. Customers can order fresh ground coffee online from Leo Coffee's website. The website has a separate section that displays the company's various coffee bean blends. Customers get to choose the blend they want, and the coffee beans grounded fresh to order and shipped immediately. Customers can expect to receive their fresh ground coffee within 48 hours of ordering. 

Absolute Control Over Quality from Farm to Brews  

If grinding coffee daily is the USP that drives them, complete quality control at every step is what defines them.  

Coffee is one of the most complex industries. Coffee farming, processing, grading, roasting, and brewing comprise all parts of the coffee value chain.  Each of these steps has many sub-processes and variables involved. 

  • Coffee farming is the process of growing coffee plants and harvesting their beans. Coffee plants grow in tropical and subtropical climates around the world. The beans are harvested when ripe and then processed. 
  • Coffee processing is the process of removing the beans from the coffee cherries and preparing them for roasting. There are two main methods of coffee processing: wet processing and dry processing. 
  • Coffee grading is the process of sorting coffee beans by size, colour, and quality.  
  • Coffee roasting is the process of heating coffee beans to a specific temperature. The roasting process brings out the flavour and aroma of the coffee beans. 
  • Coffee brewing is the process of extracting the flavour and aroma of coffee beans into water. There are many different methods of coffee brewing, including drip brewing, French press brewing, and espresso brewing. 

Leo Coffee is involved in every single step of the coffee value chain. They own and operate coffee farms and have their own processing and roasting facilities. They also have a team of experienced coffee roasters and baristas who provide customers with the best possible coffee. Their level of involvement in the coffee value chain gives them the edge to control every single step and its quality. This ensures that every cup of Leo Coffee is always fresh, flavourful, and of the highest quality. 

Coffee and ONLY Coffee 

"Coffee is all we do, and we do all Coffee" emphasises Venu Srinivasan. Adding to this, "We have made a commitment to ourselves not to launch any product other than a coffee-based one under the brand Leo." He takes pride in the company's unswerving dedication to coffee. Furthermore, this single-minded focus is yet another USP of the company - one that has helped earn the regard and respect of its patrons. 

Although there are discussions internally to offer tea under Leo Coffees' banner, the company has decided to focus only on coffee, and not to play it safe, but to strive to be the best at what we do. "We although, tempted in the past to launch tea under our banner as it's a market 10 times the size of coffee in India, but we rolled back the idea. What we have done instead is go all out on coffee." Venu Srinivasan informs.

Leo Coffee has launched multiple products to provide its customers with a wide variety of choices. The company offers a wide range of products, including filter coffee, instant coffee, fresh filter coffee decoction, HORECA blends, espresso blends, single origins, and a range of brewing equipment for office and home use. Leo Coffee also has several new products in the pipeline, all of which will be coffee based. 

Beat The Daily Grind with Freshly Ground Leo Coffee 

Leo Coffee is a household name now - synonymous with great coffee. The company grinds its coffee beans fresh to order, uses only the highest quality coffee beans, and packages its coffee in airtight containers to keep it fresh. They are encouraging coffee drinkers to enjoy true coffee brews from freshly ground coffee beans. Visit one of its retail outlets or order online today to experience the difference that fresh ground coffee can make, and make 'Grind Daily' your motto too.