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Instant Coffee Jar - Aroma Classic

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Now enjoy a strong cup of instant coffee with the Aroma Classic. With a 70:30 blend of coffee and chicory, the rich flavour and caffeine kick will leave you energized. Well suited for the classic Indian palate.

We are confident that our Leo Aroma Classic instant coffee is the gateway fix that will lead you to the treasures and pleasures of fresh coffee brewing, where we offer some world-class roasted beans and powders and various brewing equipment.

This instant coffee mix with chicory is a great alternative to traditional coffee for those who are looking for a caffeine boost with a twist.

Key features of this Product:

  • 70% Coffee and 30% Chicory Blend | Coffee Beans from the best coffee-growing tracks of the Western Ghats.

  • 100% spray-dried agglomerated granules.

  • Tastes best with hot milk or water and you can add sugar to taste. Can also be drunk with hot water.

  • Brewing tip: Mix the granules with a few spoons of hot water first before adding them to the hot milk.

  • 70% Coffee and 30% Chicory Blend; quantity: 100g; shelf life: 18 months; vegetarian


1 × 100 g Jar