Instant Ultimate Pure Coffee Recharge Refill Pack

Leo Instant Coffee Refill - Ultimate

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Do you have a genuine passion for the unadulterated taste of coffee? If your answer is yes, Leo Instant Coffee Refill caters to the refined preferences of purists like you.

Enjoy the convenience of this carefully crafted jar of Instant Coffee. It comes with a practical 50-gram refill sachet. 

Leo Instant Coffee blend comprises the choicest Arabica and Robusta beans from the Western Ghats. Slow-roasting and grinding these beans reveal mellow and flavourful notes, making it your ideal companion for enjoyment with or without milk.

The 50-gram jar is powered by a 50 gram Leo Instant Ultimate Pure Coffee Recharge Refill Pack. This makes the seamless replenishment of your coffee effortless. It also guarantees an uninterrupted and delightful journey of flavours.

Elevate your coffee experience with ease using this instant coffee mix. Delivering a sublime taste, it creates a rich, flavourful cup without the need for special equipment. 


  • 1 × 50 g Jar
  • 1 × 50 g Sachet