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Top Blend

Top Blend

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Leo presents another exceptional offering, the Top Blend! This is specially crafted for coffee purists who prefer their South Indian filter coffee without the addition of chicory.

This blend, a recent addition to our repertoire, is the culmination of decades of expertise, and features a meticulous selection of Leo's traditional roast recipes developed by our master roasters. It comprises a distinctive combination of robust flat beans and Peaberry.

While the Top Blend is ideal for creating authentic South Indian filter coffee, its versatility extends to other brewing methods such as Pour Over or French Press, making it an easy choice.

Key features of the Top Blend:

  • Made with carefully sourced Arabica and Robusta beans picked from the finest coffee-growing regions of the Western Ghats in India.
  • While perfect for filter coffee, it also produces a delightful cup through Pour over or French press methods.
  • Available in various forms, including whole beans, finely ground, medium ground, and coarse ground, to cater to individual preferences.
  • Roasted daily at our Chennai facility to ensure optimum freshness and flavour.
  • When evaluated through cupping, expect a light-bodied yet flavourful brew, devoid of the heaviness associated with chicory blends. It is a delight for those who appreciate the purity of coffee.

Forget the hassle of restocking coffee by having us deliver it to you every month on your preferred date.

  • 6 month plan - pay for only 5 months
  • 12 month plan - pay for only 10 months

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