Madras Blend 80:20 Coffee
Madras Blend 80:20
Madras Blend 80:20
Madras Blend 80:20

Madras Blend 80:20

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Our 80:20 coffee chicory blend stands out as the most sought-after South Indian filter coffee powder in our selection. This blend combines premium coffee beans meticulously chosen from the picturesque Western Ghats of Karnataka. These beans are expertly ground and blended with top-quality Jamnagar Chicory. In addition, the indulgent and velvety texture of chicory adds depth to the coffee.  Resulting in a full-bodied brew with a pleasantly bittersweet aftertaste.


To savour the true essence of this blend, we recommend brewing it exclusively with a South Indian coffee filter, whether it is stainless steel or brass. Once the decoction is ready, it pairs exquisitely with milk, and sugar, depending on your preference. If you consider yourself a connoisseur of filter coffee, your search ends here. This is the epitome of Madras filter coffee at its most enchanting!


Key features of our Madras Blend 80:20


  • An impeccable ratio of 80% coffee and 20% chicory.
  • To achieve optimal results, we strongly advise using a South Indian filter for brewing and avoiding alternative methods.
  • Pre-ground and carefully blended at our Chennai factory.
  • Roasted, mixed, and packaged daily to ensure freshness, with shipping available throughout India.
  • Expect a medium-strong filter coffee with a luscious and creamy texture, displaying a medium to heavy body.

Forget the hassle of restocking coffee by having us deliver it to you every month on your preferred date.

  • 6 month plan - pay for only 5 months
  • 12 month plan - pay for only 10 months