brass filter and 4 davara set with madras blend combo

4 Cup Filter + 4 Davara Sets with Madras Blend Combo

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Immerse Yourself in Coffee Ritual with Leo Coffee's Filter, 4 Davara Set and Madras Blend Combo

Elevate your daily coffee routine to an authentic South Indian tradition with Leo Coffee's Brass Filter and 4 Davara Set with Madras Blend Combo. This kit provides everything you need to experience the magic of filter brewing, from the brass davara to the rich aroma of freshly ground Madras Blend coffee.

Embrace the Elegance of Brass:

The centrepiece of this combo is the stunning brass filter. This gleaming filter vessel, isn't just beautiful; it's a cultural icon. As hot water dances through its fine pores, your coffee goes through a transformative journey. 

Beyond the Ritual, the Rewards of Brass Davara Set Combo:

Forget harsh chemicals and wasteful paper filters. The brass filter's fine pores gently extract the purest essence of your coffee, delivering a full-bodied cup bursting with rich aroma and delicate flavours. This slow drip process is an invitation to slow down, savour the anticipation, and truly appreciate the art of coffee brewing.

More Than Just Tools, a Complete Experience:

This combo set is ideal for both, your everyday filter coffee rituals, as well as the occasional gift for your friends and family. The intricate brass finish gives it a classic look and adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen counter. And yet, this combo isn't just about equipment; it's a complete coffee experience. You'll receive:

  • Brass Cup-Davara set - 4 nos
  • Brass South Indian Filter (4 cups) - 1 nos
  • Madras Blend - 500 gms

Taste the Tradition, Brew Your Story with this Filter and 4 Davara Set with Madras Blend Combo.

With Leo's Davara Dream Combo, you're not just buying a coffee kit; you're unlocking a centuries-old tradition. Embrace the ritual, share a perfect cup with loved ones, and discover the pure essence of South Indian coffee.

Order your Davara Dream Combo today and start brewing your story, one drop at a time!