5kg bag of Special A Coffee Beans

Special "A" Coffee Beans Unique Blend - 5 Kg Bag

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The Special “A” coffee beans is a unique blend crafted from the largest and boldest flat beans, mostly of Arabica and Robusta. But what makes it earn that "A" grade?

Firstly, in coffee grading, we designate larger beans with the "AA" label to signify superior quality. This is because their increased size allows for a slower maturation process, fostering the development of more intricate flavours in our coffee beans.

Secondly, the processing methods play a crucial role in influencing the quality of the beans. Meticulous processing, including careful washing and drying, is essential for maintaining the integrity of the beans and preserving their unique flavour characteristics. Upon completing the processing, the coffee plants receive an AA grade.

However, these beans are primarily exported to major countries in Europe and North America for sale and consumption. Coffee enthusiasts actively seek out our AA grade Arabica for its premium quality, defined by a complex flavour profile, bright acidity, and a full body.

The Leo Special “A” unique blend is an extraordinary mixture of various A-grade beans, promising a refreshing cup of medium-strong coffee with a woody aftertaste.

  • Strength: Medium
  • Body: Medium
  • Acidity: Medium
  • Aftertaste: Woody
  • Brewing: Ideal for all brewing methods
This 5kg coffee beans pack is perfect for your never ending supply of Special “A” for those special occasions. Looking to share this gift with your close ones, then try out our small 500 grams pack.