A 500g packet of Caffe Blend packet containing espresso beans
Caffé Blend
Caffé Blend
Caffé Blend

Caffé Blend

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Caffé Blend is dominated by the best Arabica beans from Chikmagalur with a smaller ratio of top-notch Robustas from the Coorg belt in an 80:20 ratio. A perfect blend of quality Indian coffee beans, medium roasted to produce an Espresso more suited to the Indian palate.  

By choosing a coarser grind, it is also perfect for Filter Coffee, Pour over, and the French press. In fact, quite unexpectedly this blend has become quite the rage for making South Indian filter coffee in Chennai!

What makes Caffé Blend different?

THE FINEST COFFEE BEANS IN INDIA - The best coffee beans of India are usually exported to European markets. We ensure these are procured carefully from the best curing works of Chikmagalur and Kushalnagar.

PERFECT FOR MULTIPLE BREWING - Espresso, Pour over, French press or South Indian filter, this blend does great with all brewing methods.

  • Available as Whole bean, fine, medium, and coarse ground.
  • A blend of Arabica and Robusta beans in a 80:20 ratio.
  • Daily roasted at our facility in Chennai. The freshest coffee beans you can possibly get.
  • Cupping notes - mild to medium strong, and bittersweet aftertaste with a hint of cocoa.

Forget the hassle of restocking coffee by having us deliver it to you every month on your preferred date.

  • 6 month plan - pay for only 5 months
  • 12 month plan - pay for only 10 months