4 Cup Filter + 4 Davara Sets

4 Cup Filter + 4 Davara Sets

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Enjoy the authentic flavour of filter coffee traditionally with the perfect Brass Davara and Brass Filter Combo. Handmade with old-world techniques for modern convenience. 

The filter is easy to use and clean. It is made from pure brass for a rust-free and safe experience.

This combo set is ideal for both, your everyday filter coffee rituals, as well as the occasional gift for your friends and family. The intricate brass finish gives it a classic look and adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen counter. 

Enjoy the traditional brass coffee ware at 10% OFF the base price!

Get 500 grams of Madras Blend at no additional cost.


This combo contains:

1) Brass Davara set - 4 nos

2) Brass South Indian Filter (4 cups) - 1 nos

Free 500 grams Madras Blend