A jar of instant coffee aroma classic
Instant Coffee Jar - Aroma Classic
Instant Coffee Jar - Aroma Classic
Instant Coffee Jar - Aroma Classic

Instant Coffee Jar - Aroma Classic

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Craving that perfect cup of coffee, but short on time? Introducing Aroma Classic Instant Coffee Jar, your passport to instant coffee bliss. Ditch the brewing fuss and savour a rich, smooth cup in seconds.

Aroma Classic is crafted with care. We source premium Arabica beans, roast them to perfection, and capture the magic in every jar, so each sip explodes with smooth, satisfying flavour, reminiscent of freshly brewed coffee.

This isn't your average instant coffee. Aroma Classic delivers a true coffee experience, minus the wait. Simply add hot water, stir, and breathe in the warm, inviting aroma that fills your senses. It's like having your own personal barista, ready to whip up a delicious cup anytime, anywhere.

Whether you're conquering a busy morning, escaping to a mountain peak, or seeking a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, Aroma Classic is your pocket-sized coffee haven. It's the perfect travel companion, office essential, or just-because treat.

So ditch the ordinary and embrace instant excellence. Get your Aroma Classic Instant Coffee Jar today and unlock the world of convenient, delicious coffee anytime, anywhere.

Key Features of Instant Coffee Jar - Aroma Classic

  1. Bold Brew, Anytime: 70% Premium Arabica: Dive into the rich, smooth flavour of premium Arabica beans, expertly roasted to unlock their hidden depths.
  2. Chicory's Touch: 30% Chicory Blend: A touch of chicory adds a hint of natural sweetness and earthy depth, balancing the coffee's intensity for a complex, satisfying cup.
  3. Instant Coffee, Elevated: 100% Spray-Dried Granules: Experience instant satisfaction with perfectly preserved aromas and flavours locked in every granule. No bitter aftertaste, just pure coffee goodness.
  4. Hot or Cold, You Decide: Hot Milk or Water: Craving a creamy latte or a pure coffee kick? Aroma Classic adapts to your mood. Simply mix with hot milk for a cosy treat or hot water for a refreshing pick-me-up.
  5. Sweeten Your Way: Sugar or Sugar-Free: Tailor your cup to your taste buds. Add a touch of sugar for a classic sweetness or enjoy the natural notes of coffee unsweetened.
  6. Pro Tip: Unlock the Aroma: For an extra burst of flavour, mix the granules with a few spoons of hot water first before adding them to hot milk. This allows the coffee to bloom, releasing its full aromatic potential.
  7. Pocket-Sized Coffee Heaven: 100g Jar: Take your coffee ritual on the go with this convenient jar. Whether scaling mountains or conquering deadlines, Aroma Classic fits in your pocket for coffee bliss anytime, anywhere.
  8. Long-Lasting Delight: 18 Months Shelf Life: Stock up and savour. Aroma Classic maintains its peak flavour and aroma for a full 18 months, so you can always have a delicious cup at your fingertips.
  9.  Veggie-Friendly Goodness: Vegetarian: Made with plant-based ingredients, Aroma Classic caters to all dietary preferences. Enjoy your coffee guilt-free and feel good about your choice.


1 × 100 g Jar