Brass Coffee filter
Brass Coffee filter

Brass Coffee Filter - 4 Cups

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Handcrafted by traditional and now rare artisans from Kumbakonam, the Leo Classic Brass Filter brings back the traditional art of brewing authentic filter coffee. Made from 22 gauge brass (60:40 ratio alloy of copper and zinc), this limited edition filter is a must have for any true filter coffee connoisseur. 

Brass coffee filters were traditionally used to neutralise the acidity levels of the brew and enhance its flavour. 

As a thumb rule, a 1:5 ratio of coffee and near boiling water (95˚F) works well to brew the decoction. (For eg: 100 grams of coffee and 500 ml of water). However, brewing coffee with a brass filter is an art one masters with a bit of practice. While some prefer the decoction strong, others like it light. Experimenting with the coffee to water ratio will help you find your sweet spot!

Additionally, using a chicory blend like Leo Madras Blend will yield a thicker brew, while a 100% pure coffee blend like the Top Blend, will yield a relatively lighter brew. 

Add 15-25ml of decoction with piping hot milk, and sugar to taste. For a complete traditional filter coffee experience, serve the coffee in a brass davara tumbler

  • Makes 4 cups. 
  • Oxidation is normal, especially with high quality brass. Regular polishing with tamarind helps maintain the sheen. 
  • Suggested coffee to water ratio is 1:5.
  • Never reheat the decoction. Just add piping hot milk to make the coffee even if the decoction has cooled down.